Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

It's Me

Hello, my name is Hafizh Aradhana Harimurti. I'm currently 14 years old. I live at Anyer Street number 34, Bandung. I was born in Bandung at 28 March 2002. I have 2 sister, they are both older than me. My hobby is playing games, mostly Dota 2, but sometimes I play Minesweeper and Minecraft.
Yay for Dota 2!

I created this website for good things to post, so please don't comment mean stuff on my posts. Not because I don't want it, I just don't like it. Maybe fill the comment with something not mean, but you can comment whatever you like or you don't like about my post, feel free to point out flaws in my post.

I'm not a good English speaker, so expect some mistype and bad English.

 Basically me

Sometime my idea or word or anything I say is very different compared to the majority. For example, Donald Trump is good, because he said he will build a wall to separate America and Mexico, which means less case about smugglers. I also like Donald Trump because of the memes.


I'm also very silent, but sometime can be quite noisy. I'm noisy when I feel like I need to. So the next time you meet me, please say hi, maybe I need to talk a "bit".

I'm still studying at school. I'm not graduated and currently working, I'm still at school, SMAN 3 to be exact. I'm in X IPA-5 if you really need to know me

After all the information above, if I get famous for something, hopefully with my skill and not pure luck, please do not leak my information. If you did, you're the worst. JK, I don't think I care.

Anyway, thank you for reading this post and have a nice day.

I got the pictures from Google, just search it up and you'll find it

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