Minggu, 16 April 2017

Paman Gober

    Paman Gober is the acronym of "Penanaman dan Gowes Bersama". Paman Gober was held on April 8, 2017. In Paman Gober, there is cycling and planting activities. I'm going to tell you my experience in Paman Gober.
    I arrived at Lapangan Bali on 6.15. When I arrived, I didn't see any of my classmates there except one. I went to SMAN 3 to see if my friends were there. At SMAN 3, I met some of my classmates and friends. After I met them, I went back to Lapangan Bali. I waited there until around 7.15. At 7.30, there was an opening ceremony until around 7.30. After that, everyone started cycling to the planting location(I don't know the name of the place)
    We stopped at the location. We sat waiting for the planting. After the planting activity, we continued cycling. We cycled a long distance. After cycling, we went back to SMAN 3 and continue with Dewa Athena. Because I had nothing to do, I stayed at Lapangan Bali until 13.15, then I went home.

Minggu, 02 April 2017

Crossword Puzzle

4.   A name for a bird and a fruit
5.   Synonym of jump
8.   1+1+1+1+1+1+1*0
9.   Adverb (to such a great extent). Conjunction(therefore)
10. A noun for male
12. Something that happens after a nuclear explosion
16. Tamed animal
18. Synonym of produce
21. An activity of specific body postures and breath control for health and relaxation
23. Conjunction, used to link alternative
24. Stay or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens
27. Verb, perform an action
28. A task or piece of work
30. Synonym of remove
31. An emission of gas, usually smells bad

1.   A tube/tubes that carry oxygen-depleted blood toward the heart
2.   The state of being able to see
3.   An airlike fluid substance
6.   Cause a liquid to flow from a container in a steady stream by holding the container at an angle
7.   Verb, occur; take place
10. V2 of hide
11. Dihydrogen monoxide
13. 4 months after April
14. A large primate that lacks a tail
15. A country in Europe with Rome as its capital
17. Crouch or sit with one's knees bent and one's heels close to or touching one's buttocks or the back
      of one's thighs
19. An organ we use to see
20. A great distance
22. A fictional giant monster originated from Japan.
25. A system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc.
26. Used to give negative response
28. A religion
29. A large farm building used for storing crops or for housing livestock
32. A portable means of illumination such as a piece of wood or cloth soaked in tallow or an oil
      lamp on a pole 

Senin, 16 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday

My Last Holiday
       Hello, my name is Hafizh and in this post I'm going to tell you about my last holiday.
       So in my last holiday, I spent most of my time staying at home playing games, watching TV, watching videos from Youtube, and sleeping. Every day is filled with those activity. Sometime I went out with my family to a restaurant or out of town.
       At the first week of my holiday, I went to Jakarta and stayed there for 5 days. Me and my sister went to a program called I Am Gifted. In that program, they taught us how to be successful. I had a great time in that camp.
Image result for i am gifted
Source: http://www.summitmy.com/iag/
       After that, I stayed in my room almost everyday. Most of the time, I played games everyday. What I usually play is Dota 2, but sometime I played other games, such as Minecraft, Minesweeper, and Monkey City. Other activities I did was watching Youtube. I watched so many videos, in 1 day I had 6 hours of Youtube watch time. I watched gaming and memes videos.
Image result for steam logo blue
Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Steam_icon_logo.svg
      There was one day where my wi-fi connection was bad. In that day, I watched TV from 1.00 p.m.
to 5.00 p.m. Because I had no interest of any TV show, I decided to just watch Cartoon Network. Then at 5.00 p.m. I went ahead and played Dota 2 offline.
      That was my last holiday. Thank you for your reading this article. See you at my next post!

Kamis, 03 November 2016

The Master Thief

                                                     The Master Thief
          A poor cottager had nothing to give his three sons, so he walked with them to a crossroad, where each son took a different road. The youngest went into a great woods, and a storm struck, so he sought shelter in a house. The old woman there warned him that it is a den of robbers, but he stayed, and when the robbers arrived, he persuaded them to take him on as a servant.
          They set him to prove himself by stealing an ox that a man brought to market to sell. He took a shoe with a silver buckle and left it in the road. The man saw it and thought it would be good if only he had the other, and went on. The son took the shoe and ran through the countryside, to leave it in the road again. The man left his ox and went back to find the other, and the son drove the ox off.
          The man went back to get the second ox to sell it, and the robbers told the son that if he stole that one as well, they would take him into the band. The son hanged himself up along the way, and when the man passed, ran on and hanged himself again, and then a third time, until the man was half-convinced that it was witchcraft and went back to see if the first two bodies were still hanging, and the son drove off his ox.
          The man went for his third and last ox, and the robbers said that they would make him the band's leader if he stole it. The son made a sound like an ox bellowing in the woods, and the man, thinking it was his stolen oxen, ran off, leaving the third behind, and the son stole that one as well.
          The robbers were not pleased with his leading the band, and so they all left him. The son drove the oxen out, so they returned to their owner, took all the treasure in the house, and returned to his father.
          He decided to marry the daughter of a local squire and sent his father to ask for her hand, telling him to tell the squire that he was a Master Thief. The squire agreed, if the son could steal the roast from the spit on Sunday. The son caught three hares and released them near the squire's kitchen, and the people there, thinking it was one hare, went out to catch it, and the son got in and stole the roast.
          The priest made fun of him, and when the Master Thief came to claim his reward, the squire asked him to prove his skill further, by playing some trick on the priest. The Master Thief dressed up as an angel and convinced the priest that he came to take him to heaven. He dragged the priest over stones and thorns and threw him into the goose-house, telling him it was purgatory, and then stole all his treasure.
          The squire was pleased, but still put off the Master Thief, telling him to steal twelve horses from his stable, with twelve grooms in their saddles. The Master Thief prepared and disguised himself as an old woman to take shelter in the stable, and when the night grew cold, drank brandy against it. The grooms demanded some, and he gave them a drugged drink, putting them to sleep, and stole the horses.
          The squire put him off again, asking if he could steal a horse while he was riding it. The Master Thief said he could, and disguised himself as an old man with a cask of mead, and put his finger in the hole, in place of the tap. The squire rode up and asked him if he would look in the woods, to be sure that the Master Thief did not lurk there. The Master Thief said that he could not, because he had to keep the mead from spilling, and the squire took his place and lent him his horse to look.
          The squire put him off again, asking if he could steal the sheet off his bed and his wife's shift. The Master Thief made up a dummy like a man and put it at the window, and the squire shot at it. The Master Thief let it drop. Fearing talk, the squire went to bury it, and the Master Thief, pretending to be the squire, got the sheet and the shift on the pretext they were needed to clean the blood up.
          The squire decided that he was too afraid of what the thief would steal next, and let him marry his daughter.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Master_Thief

1. Who is the poor cottager?
  a. The Master Thief
  b. The priest
  c. The squire
  d. Father of The Master Thief
  e. The grooms
2. According to the text, how many thievery has The Master Thief done?
  a. 6
  b. 7
  c. 8
  d. 9
  e. 10
3. What did the robbers asked The Master Thief to do?
  a. Steal twelve horses from the squire's stable
  b. Steal the roast from the spit on Sunday
  c. Play tricks on the priest
  d. Steal the sheet off the squire's bed and his wife's shift
  e. Steal an ox
4. Why did the squire let The Master Thief marry his daughter?
  a. The Master Thief completed his tasks
  b. The squire was too afraid of what the thief would steal next
  c. The Master Thief successfully convinced the squire
  d. The squire was happy with The Master Thief's act
  e. The daughter wanted to marry The Master Thief and the squire approved it
5. What was The Master Thief sixth act?(Thievery/trickery)
  a. Steal twelve horses from the squire's stable
  b. Steal the roast from the spit on Sunday
  c. Play tricks on the priest
  d. Steal the sheet off the squire's bed and his wife's shift
  e. Steal an ox

Rabu, 02 November 2016

Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldii
      Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest known individual flower in the world. It is parasitic on members of the genus Tetrastigma. It has no roots or leaves and most of the time lives unobserved inside the woody stems and roots of its host. Rafflesia arnoldii only becomes visible when its plump buds emerge through the bark of its host and develop into the large, fleshy flowers which are pollinated by carrion-flies.
 Source: https://gardenofeaden.blogspot.co.id/2013/09/rafflesia-arnoldii.html

          Rafflesia arnoldii life cycle begins when the parasitic growths on the plant's vine root form small buds that resemble cabbage. Because Rafflesia arnoldii lacks leaves, stems, and chlorophyll, it is incapable of photosyntesis. Instead, it drain the plant's nutrients and water. After around 9 months, the bud bursts, revealing an enormous, five-petalled flower. It give off a pungent odor similar to rotting flesh, which attracts insects for pollination. For the pollination to succeed, insects must visit both male and female flowers, which are usually not in close proximity to one another.
 Source: http://treedirectory.blogspot.co.id/2012/01/rafflesia-arnoldii.html
           The fruit has smooth flesh that contains numerous tiny seeds. Once fruit and flower have both reached maturity, which takes 5-7 days, this marks the end of the plant's life cycle. The smell of the fruit's dead flesh attracts indigenous animals. The animals distribute the seeds, continuing the plant's life cycle.
Source: 1. http://www.kew.org/science-conservation/plants-fungi/rafflesia-arnoldii-corpse-flower
               2. http://www.slideshare.net/khalidhakeem/rafflesia-18887605

1. Rafflesia arnoldii is parasitic of the genus...
 a. Cousinia
 b. Quercus
 c. Tetrasigma
 d. Cyperus
 e. Carex
2. Rafflesia arnoldii is mature when it's ... is fully grown
  a. Petal
  b. Fruit
  c. Seed
  d. Fruit and flower
  e. None of the above 
3. How many days can Rafflesia arnoldii survive after it bursts?
  a. 1-3
  b. 2-4
  c. 3-5
  d. 4-6
  e. 5-7
4. Why does Rafflesia arnoldii smells like a dead flesh?
  a. To attract insects and devour it
  b. To attract insects and do pollination
  c. To keep harmful animals away
  d. To keep any animals away
  e. All of the above is correct
5. How long does it take for Rafflesia arnoldii to bursts from a seed?
  a. 9 months
  b. 8 months
  c. 1 year
  d. 30 weeks
  e. 5-7 days

Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016

Peparnas Opening Ceremony

Hello, I'm Hafizh and I am going to tell you about my experience at Peparnas Opening Ceremony. I may have forgotten some events. I am sorry for any mistake I made.
At first, I saw some performance before the official opening. Then, when the opening ceremony began, we prayed together. Then, we saw a firework show. After the firework show, a clip of sports that was contested was shown on the big screen. And then, every province that participated in Peparnas walked along the red carpet. I'm pretty sure almost every province in Indonesia participated except North Maluku. After that, a clip from disabled athletes showed up on the big screen. They showed their spirit even with their disability. Then, a huge amount of people performed at the field with a bunch of disabled people. Then, Peparnas was officially opened by the the governor. After that, we saw another firework show. After that, the torch was lit up by a disabled person carried from one side of the field to the other. After the torch was lit, another firework show went off. After the firework show, Peparnas Opening Ceremony is over.

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2016

Science Camp

Hello everybody, I am here to tell you about my experience in Science Camp, to be exact Science Camp IV! This happened a while ago and I can't remember every event that happened. I apologize for any mistake I made in this thread.
At Friday, we gathered in front of SMAN 3's front gate. I waited there for around 30 minute to 1 hour waiting for my friends. After waiting, I lined up with my group. We had 6 people in our line. Then each line put their bag in one of the truck, then they get back in line. After everybody put their bag in that truck, we sat on the truck. I sat on the truck that was full of bag. Then we went to the location.
After approximately 3 hour, we arrived at the location. We stepped out and started to gave everyone their bag. Then we walked to the hall and the opening begins.
Skip forward to after opening, we were given snacks and water. After that, we got some information about research and every aspect of it from a professional(can't remember her name).Then, every men do Jumatan. Then we ate lunch and got more information about how to write a report for our research.
We gathered with our group and went across a river to a flat ground. We told our reason joining that group. Moments later, a drizzle came down so we tried to find a temporary shelter. After the drizzle stopped, we went back to the hall. We were splitted to groups to do a small research. My group got ground ecosystem(?). I forgot that part, but after everyone was given their research, everybody splitted up(except people in one group). We were given around 2 hours outside to do our research then went back to our camp to do anything we want for 15 minutes.
After that, we prayed and then we ate diner. After that we sing German song. Then more time to do our research and putting it together. After that, we do a "night prayer"(I don't know what to call it). Because of rain, we slept in the hall.
At Saturday, we woke up very early in the morning. We pray, then we did a game, and we got splitted up into group again for the second time. Then, we were given problems to solve. My group(and probably other group) struggled finding the answer for physics.
After trying to solve the problem, we ate breakfast and we were given time to pack up and ready to go home. After we finished packing up, we show our research result to everybody there. Then, we took a photo with everybody. Then, we played around with kite. After that, we close the event, then we went home.