Rabu, 19 Oktober 2016

Science Camp

Hello everybody, I am here to tell you about my experience in Science Camp, to be exact Science Camp IV! This happened a while ago and I can't remember every event that happened. I apologize for any mistake I made in this thread.
At Friday, we gathered in front of SMAN 3's front gate. I waited there for around 30 minute to 1 hour waiting for my friends. After waiting, I lined up with my group. We had 6 people in our line. Then each line put their bag in one of the truck, then they get back in line. After everybody put their bag in that truck, we sat on the truck. I sat on the truck that was full of bag. Then we went to the location.
After approximately 3 hour, we arrived at the location. We stepped out and started to gave everyone their bag. Then we walked to the hall and the opening begins.
Skip forward to after opening, we were given snacks and water. After that, we got some information about research and every aspect of it from a professional(can't remember her name).Then, every men do Jumatan. Then we ate lunch and got more information about how to write a report for our research.
We gathered with our group and went across a river to a flat ground. We told our reason joining that group. Moments later, a drizzle came down so we tried to find a temporary shelter. After the drizzle stopped, we went back to the hall. We were splitted to groups to do a small research. My group got ground ecosystem(?). I forgot that part, but after everyone was given their research, everybody splitted up(except people in one group). We were given around 2 hours outside to do our research then went back to our camp to do anything we want for 15 minutes.
After that, we prayed and then we ate diner. After that we sing German song. Then more time to do our research and putting it together. After that, we do a "night prayer"(I don't know what to call it). Because of rain, we slept in the hall.
At Saturday, we woke up very early in the morning. We pray, then we did a game, and we got splitted up into group again for the second time. Then, we were given problems to solve. My group(and probably other group) struggled finding the answer for physics.
After trying to solve the problem, we ate breakfast and we were given time to pack up and ready to go home. After we finished packing up, we show our research result to everybody there. Then, we took a photo with everybody. Then, we played around with kite. After that, we close the event, then we went home.

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