Minggu, 02 April 2017

Crossword Puzzle

4.   A name for a bird and a fruit
5.   Synonym of jump
8.   1+1+1+1+1+1+1*0
9.   Adverb (to such a great extent). Conjunction(therefore)
10. A noun for male
12. Something that happens after a nuclear explosion
16. Tamed animal
18. Synonym of produce
21. An activity of specific body postures and breath control for health and relaxation
23. Conjunction, used to link alternative
24. Stay or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens
27. Verb, perform an action
28. A task or piece of work
30. Synonym of remove
31. An emission of gas, usually smells bad

1.   A tube/tubes that carry oxygen-depleted blood toward the heart
2.   The state of being able to see
3.   An airlike fluid substance
6.   Cause a liquid to flow from a container in a steady stream by holding the container at an angle
7.   Verb, occur; take place
10. V2 of hide
11. Dihydrogen monoxide
13. 4 months after April
14. A large primate that lacks a tail
15. A country in Europe with Rome as its capital
17. Crouch or sit with one's knees bent and one's heels close to or touching one's buttocks or the back
      of one's thighs
19. An organ we use to see
20. A great distance
22. A fictional giant monster originated from Japan.
25. A system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc.
26. Used to give negative response
28. A religion
29. A large farm building used for storing crops or for housing livestock
32. A portable means of illumination such as a piece of wood or cloth soaked in tallow or an oil
      lamp on a pole 

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